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handbag nude patent leather mango

English below

Al een tijdje hangt er aan mijn arm de tas die ik hierboven heb getekend. Na jarenlang een ruime tas te hebben gehad waarin de meest diverse objecten in terecht konden, besloot ik dat het tijd was om voor een meer volwassen versie te gaan. Er past uiteraard minder in, maar daardoor sleep ik elke dag ook minder onzinnige dingen mee. Al met al een grote vooruitgang dus, aangezien ik op de middelbare school de grootste rugzak met de meeste idiote inhoud had (onderanderen drie verschillende overvolle pennenmappen, wie biedt er meer?).

Merken jullie ook dat jullie tas steeds kleiner wordt, of is het juist andersom?

In de tekening: Lakleren nude handtas en zwart crochet rokje: Mango

For some time now I have been carrying around the bag I drew above. After years with a large handbag which contained a most divers and unusual objects, I decided it was time for a more grown up and lady-like version. Of course it cannot hold as much, but thanks to that I do not carry unnecessary stuff with me anymore. So in the end a big step forward, as in secondary school I carried around the biggest backpack ever with a ludicrous content (three different very full pencil cases, who tops that?). 

Do you see the same thing happening, do your bags keep dropping in size, or is it the opposite? 

In the drawing: Patent leather nude handbag and black crochet skirt: Mango



  1. Prachtig! Zowel de tas als de tekening!

  2. iscreamstyle

    wow, wat kun jij goed tekenen!

  3. Héél mooi de blouse met de bijbehorende rok, fantastische tekening !

  4. i love your drawings. i can’t draw at all and i always have a mix of jealousy and admiration for people like you (with a lot more admiration than jealousy in the mix:)

  5. and to answer your question: i always carry either a clutch or a huge bag. time to look for something in between))

  6. wow, your drawings are amazing! are they done on the computer?

    And I carry a huge bag, I’ve always got too much stuff so I’m prepared for any scenario haha! xx

    • Thank you, and yes, I do these drawings on a computer (with Photoshop).
      I admire you for always being prepared, even if I carry around a huge bag, I will always miss that one thing. So, as I will never be carrying around the necessary stuff, let’s at least carry less rubbish… xx

  7. gorgeous! i lOVE your blog, you’re drawings are amazing!! Would you like to follow each other?

    XO Sahra

  8. Love the drawing!! Lately my bags have been increasing with size, lol…but I think that’s becuase I have heaps of smaller ones, so i’m trying to round out my collection!

    I’m now following on bloglovin’!! 🙂

  9. I am so glad you liked one of my posts, because I might never have found your blog otherwise, and that would have been such a shame. Your blog is so good! You have gained a new follower in me 🙂 xo

  10. My life usually travels with me in my ButlerBag by Jen Groover. It’s pretty on the outside, but more impressive on the inside, because of the storage compartments that fit anything. So when you’re fashionable, but messy, check out this site:)

  11. wow, your drawings are really amazing

  12. you’re so talented. i always love your drawings.

  13. So real… I have to resist falling in love with a drawing.

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