Fur or no Fur

fur collar manon heine

So, recently when in Amsterdam with boyfriend K., we came across this great vintage shop with loads of ball gowns and fur jackets. And we found this beautiful silver fox collar that you attache around your neck with black satin ribbons. It is so chic, warm, luxurious, and real fur.

Fur… I’m one of those people that melt in front of pictures of baby animals and so I would never want to wear an animal that was killed for me. But if it’s vintage, it wasn’t killed for me, and most importantly, it is already dead and the most horrible thing would be to throw it away. So I decide to buy it, and I have to say it is deliciously warm, not to mention very beautiful.

But I am curious, what do you think about fur? Is it a no-go, or are you pro-fur, or do you hang in the middle like me?

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  2. I do not want to point my finger and say no. But the argument that it is already dead… well if you go to ZARA and let’s say buy a fur coat it is also already dead.
    However, I think that if I would see something really beautiful and it turns out to be fur, I do not think it will stop me even though I find it horrible how certain animals are killed so… I think I would have done the same, even though somewhere I would always feel bad I guess. It’s such a difficult topic.

    • As you point out, in both cases (vintage and new) the fur obviously comes from a dead animal. But my point is that by buying it vintage, I’m not directly encouraging the fur industry, and that is really important to me. There are more than enough fur coats to re-use, why kill those cute little baby (and fully grown) animals?
      And to be honest, I do feel slightly bad about it (I’m wearing a piece of skin for god’s sake), that’s why I decided to blog about it and ask around 🙂

  3. I have the same feeling when it comes to fur. I love all the gorgeous fur things but I’ve never brought one just cause I swoon at animal pictures and feel really bad if I actually did.

    • I always thought I never ever would wear fur, because I never thought I could find such a beautiful furry thing in a vintage shop… And I think I’m still unable to look at a picture of a fox right now, even if the bit’s from comes from one that has been dead for more then 20 years…

    • I know what you mean there. I still get torn between a really nice fur garment and thinking that a cute fluffy animal got killed for it. So I’ve still not made a purchase on any real fur items. But I do like to look at them 😀 I think I might be better if they were vintage though…

  4. I know exactly how you feel – I also do not believe in torturing and killing animals for their fur!!

    It is a native tradition, though, that you must honour the animal. If the animal is going to be used for other means (aka food) then you must honour it and use it in it’s entirety (hence the use of fur).

    It’s a touchy subject, obviously, and like you said, it’s vintage.

    • I totally agree with you. If the animal is used for meat, fur, grease and other stuff, then I’m totally ok with it, as long as it is being killed in a humane way. That’s why I have no problem wearing leather. But apart from rabbits, I can’t think of furry animals that are not only used for their fur, and that’s what makes it a problem.
      And unless it’s fur that’s being re-used, I wont wear it. Let’s use what we already have and not kill more cute fluffy animals!

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