Chanel Malice

chanel nailpolish malice

Meet my new favourite nail polish: the newest limited edition from Chanel, the malicious deep and glowing ruby red: Malice. It is the perfect Christmas polish, a very dark red that sometimes nearly looks black, but in the light the ruby surprisingly comes out and shines. I prefer warm and deep colours in winter and leave the fresh and fruity ones for summer, and this is one of the most perfect ones I have ever tried!

And Chanel wouldn’t be Chanel if the quality wasn’t perfect, it is very easy to apply on your nails and the colour and shine are still as wonderful as ever when dried. It isn’t the cheapest polish on earth, but it is one of the best!

In the drawing: Chanel Le Vernis 637 Malice

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  1. That is indeed a great colour! And a great drawing!

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  3. oooohhhh nice colour! lovely illustration too!

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