It’s back!!


It has been two years that I lost my favourite t-shirt. It is just a simple V-neck soft grey shirt, nothing special, but the fit was perfect and it was very comfy. But… I lost it, and couldn’t find it since. I looked everywhere (yes, everywhere in my room) but it had just disappeared. As I had just moved I thought I must have lost it in between the two places, but still, it was exasperating!

Now that I have just moved again (my first own apartment!!) I knew for sure after all the packing that I would never find it back, until… I got a mail from my mother yesterday evening, she had found it! I read the rest of the mail only this morning, completely forgetting to read on after the good news.

Somehow, my t-shirt spent two years in a suitcase which my parents, brother and I used, and no one actually found the shirt. So either it was hidden very very well (no idea how) or we were blind for two years. Anyway, thanks Mum for finding it back 🙂

The only thing I’m hoping for now, is that it still fits as well as two years ago…

Have your ever lost something for this long a period of time? I can’t be the only one, no?

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One comment

  1. No you’re not. I’ve lost and found rings, sketchbooks, and even people. It feels like getting a present when they show up all over again.

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