Zara Favourites


Meet most of my new favourites from Zara. I had been waiting for the sales to begin so I could score these items, and when midnight stroke, I was happily clicking away on the Zara website. A few days later, six boxes where delivered to my apartment and I could try on all these beauties.

I have to say Zara did a great job this season (again), with items that fit perfectly and have a luxurious feel about them (the pants on the far left and the the white dress, second from right, especially) and some pieces with great details (the skort, second from left, and the blazer with shoulder embellishment on the right). There is one piece I couldn’t get my hands on but really loved: the golden velvet embellished kimono, such a statement and luxury piece!

Do you have any favourite (sale) pieces from Zara? Already scored or waiting for further discount? And what do you think of the pieces above?



  1. glasmetwater

    I don’t know how you do it, but your drawings are allways just perfect. When I start to draw something, everything just looks like a frog ahah 🙂

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