NYFW: Zimmermann


I was impressed by Nicole Zimmermann’s show, and fell in love with the striped print on this dress, it is such a nice take on the stripe for the season! And I absolutely loved the jewellery the models where wearing, I need to make a post just about those gorgeous ear pendants and chokers!



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  2. Yes, this Zimmermann dress stuck with me, black and white graphic is my “thing” I guess (who’d have known, right?) 🙂 Great drawings! So why the history studies and not art or fashion? 🙂

    • Haha, that’s a question a get a lot!
      I wanted to go to university to learn something I couldn’t learn on my own, to experience that intellectual environment which I longed for. I always continued to do art, but that is something that feels so very private, for example I hate it when people are watching me while I draw (and commenting), I want them to see the result at the end, not all the stupid mistakes I make during the process of getting there. So art or fashion studies would have meant accepting that, and it’s not something I wanted. I like to learn on my own when it comes to fashion and art, I like to observe, study, try to understand, and then spend weeks or months learning to do it and finally master the skill.
      Learning from a teacher will go faster, but if you figure something out on your own, you will truly understand and never forget it.
      Hope this answers your question! Maybe I should do a blog post about this, what do you think?

    • Oh yeah, the best kind of answer – honest, sincere and comprehensive – love it, appreciate it, thank you!
      I know what you mean, privacy while working on something is really important, I’m with you on that, I hate comments on unfinished work (I suppose it’s more on the introvert side, extroverts might quite enjoy it (maybe?)), also didn’t like to be forced to submit my work to the archives of the academy, always thought that’s so unfair (haha)! No, srsly, injustice! 😀
      Yes, positive, you absolutely should write an explanatory post and link to it from the “about” page, or place it there! 🙂

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