LFW: Eudon Choi


London fashion week started, and instantly it is a fresh wave of inspiration, great looks and new styles. Eudon Choi was striking, and not only because of the thin red-orange runway. The clothes where a mix of hard and soft: silky and shiny vests and shirts, but also hard corsets and  pants. The colours and prints showed variety also, from flowers, dark blues to delicate prints on silk. The result was a divers but very cohesive collection, loved it!

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  1. Great illustration!!

  2. Hi, you’ve got a really nice blog there. Love it.

    I also have a blog at http://dancinginmyawkwardarms.blogspot.com/ about fashion illustration, I’d love if you could check out and see if you like it or not.

    Have a lovely time!

    • Hi Delilah,
      I’ve just taken a look at your blog and it looks beautiful, your work with colours is amazing! I don’t have the patience (or time) anymore to paint by hand, but your use of watercolour is so very good, I admire that. Keep going like this!! 🙂

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