PFW: Haider Ackermann


Haider Ackermann is always one of my favourite shows in Paris. I love his aesthetics, the mix between feminine and masculine, hard and soft, transparency and opaque. Every time he finds the perfect balance. His show was elegant but also strong, and as always very creative.

And for once I did a black and white illustration. With all the pleating, folding and layering, I wanted to do something more raw. I hope you like it!

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  1. One of my most favorite of yours (so far, of course). And the texture of the fabric is fantastic.

    • Thank you, and thanks for the reblog from a couple days ago btw!
      The texture was so interesting that I really wanted to put the emphasis on that and not colours for once, so I went back to my old comic-technics 🙂

  2. 🙂 On reblog – the pleasure is all mine. Your remark on that Damir Doma dress and Roman toga resemblance clicked with me, and I may be delusional (but I’m arguing against that) but I can totally see Tilda Swinton dressed in it.

    • Oh yes, that would suit her very well, you’re certainly not delusional! She has such a great face, you don’t want too much details distracting from those features. And she always wears such elegant dresses!

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