Isabel Marant for H&M


In exactly one month, the collection Isabel Marant designed for H&M will hit the stores (and so will a crowd of fashion-obsessed women). I am not one to go camping outside H&M all night to be sure to get my hands on my favourite items (although I was close to when Anna Dello Russo did her accessory collection) but it doesn’t mean I don’t have some absolute favourites I would love to own. There are three pieces I especially like, and this is my first: red leather cigarette pants. I think the bare ankle is very sexy, but totally unwearable here in the Netherlands due to the horrible weather we are having these days. But still, it would be lovely to wear these pants in, let’s be optimistic, late spring.

Do you have a piece you are dying to get from this collection?

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  1. wauw your illustrations are amazing!

  2. I can’t wait! There are so many pieces I like but will try to narrow it down to two or three. I’m not queuing either but hopefully there will be some online. X

  3. champagnesunday

    Am I the only one that feels this Isabel Marant is just a fad. I’m just not impressed with the line.


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  6. Michelle @ The Wardrobe Update

    Beautiful illustration, what an incredible talent you have!

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