Iris van Herpen

Opmaak 1

Yesterday, the Dutch Design Awards took place in Eindhoven. The winner is the wonderful fashion designer Iris van Herpen with her collection Voltage, all printed in 3D. She is still very young, but very creative and her designs are the most innovative couture I have ever seen. If you want to see more of her, do visit her website. The work of all nominated artist is displayed in an exhibition in Eindhoven until 27th October, click here for more information.

Her designs are the perfect example of fashion as art (or art as fashion), which is the ultimate form of expression within fashion if you ask me. That is what couture is all about, being able to express an idea or a concept that is wearable (well, wearable is pretty subjective here, if the model is able to walk in it, then it is wearable, wether it could walk down the street is not relevant).

This illustration was originally made for a contest by the Volkskrant, which consisted of designing a cover with the theme Dutch Design in honour of the Dutch Design Week and Awards. My idea was to represent the queen of Dutch (fashion) design, and as she won, I am very proud in fact. My cover was not chosen by the editors, but I’m still very happy with my work (spend nearly all night and morning on it, finished literally two minutes before the deadline).

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