Matte Lipstick


One of the prettiest make up trends for fall: the matte lipstick. They come in a wide array of colours and prices so we can all find what suits us best. The matte lipstick is more discreet, maybe more natural, than the ‘normal’ one. It doesn’t draw the attention to the lips in an obvious way, it is more subtle and chic. I especially like it on blond girls -which is too bad for me- in dark winter colours, rich velvety reds growing darker and darker as the fall ends.

The downside is this lipstick is not fit for thin lips, it will make them look even thinner. If you have no full lips, opt for lipstick with a slight shimmer, two colours (dark on the outside and a lighter shade in the middle, mix with your fingertips or with a brush) or a touch of gloss. The other thing is these matte lipsticks tend to be quite dry, which means dry lips and all imperfections will show. The only option is to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! I use cocoa butter, it’s what mountain climbers use and they are exposed to harsh and cold winds, so it should be enough for us…

Tell me, what is your experience with matte lipsticks? Any brands or colours you can recommend?

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  1. I am loving the red matte lipstick from Bobbi Brown, it looks fantastic & it lasts all day!

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